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Workplace Environment

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Working individuals are spending most of their time at their workplace. So, It is very important to create a healthy environment for the employees at workplace. When the atmosphere of the organisation is good, automatically the outcome will come good. The most important thing that influences employee motivation and happiness and how productive and efficient they can be, all depends on the working culture of the office. It’s impossible to enjoy your job all the time, but the kind of environment you work in has a massive impact on how you feel about your job and colleagues.

Workplace Environment
Workplace Environment

Here are a few tips for creating an environment that boosts mood, confidence, and productivity.

Workplace communication
Workplace communication

1. Be Communicative– There should be always a communication at workplace. Just imagine if you just go to office, sits on your chair and just do your work, no one is talking, only there is the sounds of keyboard tapping then how boredom will be there. In this case neither the employee will happy nor he gives the productive result. So, there must be a communication between all the employees which results in better functioning of the work. There will be 2 benefits from this firstly there is no boredom in employees and secondly employees will work together and hence the outcome will be great.

2. Be Encouraging – The employer must be encouraging to his staff to get the best results from them. If the employer doesn’t support or motivate his employee then it will lead to poor productivity. Organisation must give supportive environment to their employees. This can include taking a break from work time to time, going for a tea/ coffee break.

Give appreciation
Give appreciation

3. Give appreciation – Everyone likes to be praised so its very important that staff of organisation must be appreciated for their work. Letting people know when they’re doing a good job is a great motivator. Give employee the recognition and awards for their work.

4. Encourage Wellness – Promote the health and wellness of employees. This not only encourages a healthy lifestyle but also give them the opportunity to get to know their colleagues better.

5. Engage with different personalities - Every workplace has a combination of characters, and what works to motivate a particular employee. Engage with different persons and try to gain knowledge from each other.

Team building
Team building

6. Team building activities: Team building activities not only bond employees closer but also motivate them, creating a positive workplace environment. These activities will lead to improve the communication and productivity at the workplace.

7. Clean and comfortable office – Working in a clean and comfortable office will boost the productivity. By seeing the neat and clean office, employees can feel more energetic and hence can do work in relaxing atmosphere.

8. Proper lighting is necessary – If your office doesn’t have the proper light then half of the productivity will gone as nobody likes to work in darker environment. Design workstations so employees can enjoy natural light. In workspaces where you can’t access natural light try daylight bulbs to brighten things up and lighten the mood.

9. Provide flexible working hours - The employer should provide an offer to his employees to work flexible hours. Due to flexibility in working hours the individuals will able to give time according to their connivence.

10. Offer to work remotely if possible - If possible try giving the option to work remotely. If someone is stuck in his home for some reason and he wanted to work, so company should provide him a option of working remotely. It will encourages the employee to work.

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