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Boost the morale of employees

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Boost the morale higher of the employees during COVID-19 - Let’s fight better together.

Ways to boost employee morale

Employee’s morale is one of the most important elements in the workplace and It’s been close to two months since the World Health Organization declared the spread of the novel coronavirus an official pandemic. These two months struck in the house and working the same hours has made the employees dull. An employee with high morale is glad and enjoys their work. On the opposite side,employees with low morale are dull, dissatisfied and keep a negative outlook towards their work.

Employees with boosted up morale stay happy, positive, motivated and work towards the organization’s goals. They maintain a healthy relationship with anyone they come in contact with. They complete their tasks more effectively.

And to overcome such problems, HR teams and project heads around the world are looking for ways to boost up the morale of their employees.

Here are some such activities which can help the employees to get into work mood:-

1. Corporate Antakshari

For years, Antakshari has been helping every age group, irrespective of place and relations to eradicate boredom and boost morale. To ease these typical times, companies should arrange such meetings as these activities can help boost up morale and build team formation. Every company employee, project heads and founders should participate to put down social barriers.

2. Flexible Hours

Flexible Hours

Companies should implement flexible work hours now and sustain them for the whole time period of this epidemic(Covid-19), this policy might attract more successful deserving candidates and acquire talent down the road. Many opportunities of taking leaves are blocked also, so give employees the chance to bank these holidays later on.

3. Casual Fridays

Casual Friday

Everyday coming to video call in a formal way even while being at homecan be tiring, so companies should allow the employees to take a break from such routine and wear something casual on friday. As Friday is the last day working can also help the employees to steam off after work.

4. Meme challenges

Memes Challenge

Competition is a way of making a workplace fun and competitive at the same time. Competition helps them to convert into their best version. This version also gets reflected in their work which further improves their result and helps the company to grow.

5. Virtual gossip Hours

Virtual gossip

After the most hectic schedules in the office, every employee will come together to discuss the happening in their life, talking about bosses and having laughs but this all got to a stop. Company should help the employees to get together at a platform and discuss these matter as this will help in building trust between employees and making a better environment

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