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Product Management Consultant

First we should know about Product Management. It includes the wide range of strategic and tactical duties. Some of the major tasks of Product manager are as follows -

  1. Research - Research to know about the company’s market and competitor’s market.

  2. Developing Strategy - Forming the industry knowledge into a high level strategic plan for their product including goals and objectives.

  3. Communicating Plans - Creating the strategic plan and presenting it to key stakeholders of the organisation.

  4. Development - When they get the green signal to go ahead with the plan then their tasks come from execution of plan and coordinating with different teams.

  5. Feedback and data analysis - After making a plan, executing it then comes the feedback from the customers, what should correct, what can add and then incorporating all these changes with the help of teams.

Who are Product Management Consultant

Consultant of product management helps in the above mentioned tasks if the company does not have any full time product managers. The tasks that are performed by product managers are the same tasks that can be done by the consultant.

Product management
Product management

What Consultants can do for you

Product Management consultants can help in suggesting the products that are needed by the customers by doing research on it and can help to deliver your products in the market faster. Consultants can work on short and long projects depending upon the organisation needs. They can do the market research, strategy about the product, competitor analysis, market analysis and writing market requirement documents. Other services that consultants provide will be helping in building a team for product management, plan a roadmap, guide others to become product manager. Consultants can act as an interim employee, filling the position of permanent employees who are on vacation or who are on sabbatical.

Tasks that a product management consultant do for your company

Assess and optimize
Assess and optimize

1.Evaluate and enhance

  • Define a process to meet your needs

  • Optimise your current process

  • Determine which development processes are appropriate

  • Analyse and make recommendations for optimising your current process

market analysis
market analysis

2. Market Analysis

  • Identify target markets

  • Determine markets that are appropriate for your company’s unique talents

Customer research
Customer research

3. Customer Research

  • Quick surveys and customer interviews to validate ideas

  • Market research through secondary research sources such as analyst firms and industry experts

4. Defining products based on customer needs

  • Writing market requirement documents, product requirement documents and defining products

  • Give relevant information to teams

  • Prioritising product backlogs

  • Developing product roadmaps

Product roadmap
Product roadmap

5. Product Roadmaps

  • Record, analyse and prioritise all requirements

  • Create a multi year release plan

6. Guiding teams

  • Making difficult decisions

7. Manage Beta Programs

  • Write customer success stories

  • Collect data feedback

  • Secure customer wins to validate financing

8. Competitor Analysis

  • Help you determine whether to enter a market based on the current competitive environment

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