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What Finance Means to Consulting?

Updated: Aug 11, 2020


Types of Jobs Titles or Designations in Finance

Financial Planner, Financial Analyst, Investor Relations Associate, Budget Analyst, Actuary, Accountant, Credit Analyst, Attorney, Commercial Real Estate Agent, Business Teacher

Finance Manager Job Responsibilities

  1. Ensuring business processes, administration, and financial management

  2. Maintaining an accountant system

  3. Leads planning and forecasting activities with business partners to achieve business and company goals

  4. Reviewing financial reports

  5. Preparing financial forecasts

  6. Analyzing revenues, expenses, cashflows, and balance sheets

  7. Assisting management to make financial decisions

  8. Supervising employees

  9. Investigates means to improve profitability

  10. Reviewing and processing payments of the company

  11. Maintaining an accurate filing and record keeping system for all financial statements and company documents

  12. Participating in the execution of changes to procedure, policies, and systems to facilitate expansion, compliance and scaling of the business

Education Required for Finance

BA / BS or MBA in economics, finance, accounting, economics, or related field

Qualifications required for Finance

  1. 3-5 years of management experience

  2. Mathematical and accounting acuity

  3. Professional demeanor and excellent customer service skills

Specialization required for Finance

A candidate must have Finance Specialization that focus on companies or corporation

Skills Required for Finance

  • Technical Skills

  1. Attention to detail

  2. Strong quantitative skills

  3. Working knowledge of GAAP principles

  4. Being Organized

  5. Being Responsible

  6. Ability to manage multiple products

  7. Thoroughness

  8. Understanding of Confidentiality

  9. Adept at analyzing information

  10. Decision making skills

  11. Adaptive

  12. Strong negotiation skills

  13. Financial modeling skills

  • Behavioural skills

  1. Oral and Written Communication Skills

  2. Knowledge in MS Excel

  3. Commercial awareness

  4. Knowledge on merging and acquisitions

Top 5 world organisations for Finance

  1. World Bank

  2. International Bank for Reconstruction

  3. International Development Association

  4. International Monetary Fund

  5. International Financial Fund

Top 5 European organisations for Finance

  1. Dexia

  2. Klarna

  3. European Central Bank

  4. European Investment Bank

  5. UniCredit

Top 5 USA organisations for Finance

  1. Fannie Mae

  2. Freddie Mac

  3. Goldman Sachs

  4. Newyork Stock Exchanges

  5. Federal Reserve System

Top 5 Indian organisations for Finance

  1. Axis Bank

  2. Motilal Oswal Bank

  3. IDBI Bank

  4. Muthoot

  5. Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services

Top 5 Asian organizations for Finance

  1. Asian Development Bank

  2. China International Capital Corporation

  3. Export-Import Bank of Korea

  4. Xangle

  5. Policy Bazar

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