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What Designing Means to Consulting?

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Web Designing Profile

Types of Job Titles or Designations in Designing

Web developer, visual designer, UI/UX designer, augmented reality designer, creative designer/art director, game designer, multimedia artist/animator, mobile designer, product/packaging designer.

Designing Job Responsibilities

  1. Take Ownership of Design Projects

  2. Designing of Page Layouts and Templates

  3. Producing design assets for the use of social media and marketing channels

  4. Developing and maintaining consistent branding

  5. Collaborate with UX, marketing, engineering and other teams

  6. Utilizing data and analytics for making design decisions

  7. Work with front end web developers in-order to deploy designs

  8. Select and prepare imagery

  9. Creating and maintaining of database for designed assets

Education Required for Designing

Bachelor’s or Master's degree in graphic design or related field

Qualifications required for Designing

  1. 1-3 years of professional design experience

  2. Portfolio of strong creative work

  3. Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud ( Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator)

  4. Experience in HTML, JavaScript and CSS

  5. Social Media and Email marketing is plus

Specialization required for Designing

A candidate must have Web Design specialization that focus on companies or corporation

Skills required for Designing Profile

  • Technical Skills

  1. Proven Understanding of Graphic design fundamentals

  2. Demonstrating ability to take a project from concept to launch

  3. Strong command in color theory, image composition, and typography

  4. Excellence in time management skills

  5. Ability to deliver product ready digital assets in a wide variety of formats

  6. Awareness in UI/UX principles

  7. Familiar in digital photo editing

  • Behavioural Skills

  1. Oral and Written Communication Skills

  2. Working knowledge on Microsoft Office

  3. Comfort working in a deadline-driven environment

  4. Excellent in written and verbal communication skills

Top 5 world organisations for Designing

  1. Sumatosoft ( US)

  2. IT Rex ( Santa - Monica, United States)

  3. Praxent ( Austin, Tx)

  4. MojoTech ( Newyork)

  5. MentorMate ( Bulgaria)

Top 5 European organizations for Designing

  1. North Flank

  2. Labor

  3. Bookingtek

  4. Launchstores

  5. Acii

Top 5 USA organizations for Designing

  1. Caveni Digital Solutions

  2. Big Drop Inc

  3. Unified Infotech

  4. Momentum Design Lab

  5. Bachoo

Top 5 India organizations for Designing

  1. Tvisha Technologies

  2. Page

  3. Zinavo

  4. Olive Global

  5. SEO Valley

Top 5 Asian organizations for Designing

  1. Singsys

  2. NMG Technologies

  3. Design Candy

  4. Let’s Nurture

  5. Ranosys Technologies

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