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Support in terms of Consulting?

Support Profile

Types of Job Titles or Designations in Support

Virtual Assistant, Customer Service, Customer Support, Concierge, Help Desk, Customer Service Manager, Technical Support Specialist, Account Representative, Client Service Specialist, Customer Care Associate

Job Responsibilities for Support

  1. Serving customers by providing products and services information and resolving product and service problem

  2. Attracting all the clients and customers by consulting, answering related to their questions and suggesting information about other products and services

  3. Opening customer and clients accounts by recording account information

  4. Resolving all the issues by clarifying the customer’s and client’s complaint by determining the cause of the problems and explaining the best solution to solve the problem,

  5. Maintaining financial accounts by processing customer and clients adjustments

  6. Recommending potential services to the management by collecting the information and analyzing the needs

  7. Preparing all the service reports by collecting and analyzing customers and clients information

  8. Contributing to team effort by accomplishing related results are needed

Education Required for Support

University or college degree is an asset

Qualifications Required for Support

  1. Previous experience, especially in particular industry, preferred

  2. Familiarity with office software and phone system is a plus

Skills Required for Support

A candidate must have support specialization that focus on companies and corporations

  • Technical Skills

  1. Market Knowledge

  2. Problem Solving

  3. Documentation Skills

  4. Listening

  5. Resource Planning

  6. Resolving Conflict

  • Behavioural Skills

  1. Good interpersonal and customer care skills

  2. Accurate in record keeping

  3. Product knowledge

  4. Possessing excellent verbal and written communications skills

  5. Multitasking

Top 5 world organization for Support

  1. Bain & Company

  2. The Boston Consulting group

  3. Deloitte Consulting

  4. Amazon

  5. TD Bank

Top 5 USA organization for Support

  1. Talkdesk

  2. AsanTraffic Group

  3. Paysa

  4. Three Five Two

  5. Ultra Consultants

Top 5 European organization for Support

  1. Aleph

  2. Pollen

  3. Tallinna Pesumaja

  4. Roland Berger Europe

  5. Kearney Europe

Top 5 Indian organization for Support

  1. Go4Customers

  2. VSynergize

  3. SunTech India

  4. Randstad

  5. Sattva

Top 5 Asian organization for Support

  1. ELEME

  2. GEM Live

  3. D2C & Co

  4. Q2 HR Solutions

  5. Bloomhead

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