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How to Recruit Employees using Social Media

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

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Social Media Recruiting

It is fact that people are more into digital media these days and it is estimated that about 3.43 Billion people are using social media.

The expansive reach of social media in this year is more dve to Covid-19 Pandemic.

So by using social media, hiring talents for the organisation is less costly and helps to find Talented people across the globe.

The following steps help to find the Talented people and benefits of recruiting using Social Media.


Consider the options of Social Media As present the study and analysis says that 70% use Facebook and 67% use Linkedin. So make sure that one organisation has a best built of Facebook and Linkedin accounts and correctly maintained the organisation people.

Few other websites like Internshala, Glassdoor etc or you can redirect them to apply on Company’s main website.

Social Media Recruiting

Post all the features of Jobs and Organisation details and the areas where you are going to hire. For the better reach to the JOB seekers. Mention all the relevant details and questionnaire and the relevant work experience which the candidate has to possess for applying for the job. Make it clear whether it is Full-Time, Part-Time or Internship and also mention whether it is paid or unpaid.

Review Potential Candidates Social Media Profiles carefully

Looking up to the candidate Social Media site is the most important thing one should always remember as a Recruiter. Through which you are able to know the candidate more detailed.

Potential Candidate in Social Media Profile

Looking up the Linkedin profile number of connections, skills and posts he shared can give you a strong vibe about the candidate.

Check the resume once or twice using the ATS software which is the best way to shortlist the employees.

Shortlisting and Interviews

After screening the employees short list the employees who are the potential match to the work and Organisation through the skills and work experience provided by them.

Interview them using Skype or Google meet or any other software and while interviewing make sure that the candidate is really worth the role or not.

Give them results and feedback immediately after all the candidates are done with the interviews.

Send the offer letters and brief them about their work and other things by creating a group to all the candidates and proceed with On Boarding.

Emphasise your culture on Social Media Profiles

Frequent updates regarding the organisational functionalities which helps to achieve more visibility in online and helps you to reach customers and Job Seekers.

You can attract the right candidates by highlighting your workplace culture in social media posts.

Use different channels to share employees’ professional and personal stories related to your company’s brand.

Presenting organisation cultures in social media

Encourage employees to post about their own workplace experiences using different mediums to reach a broad audience. Ask them to use branded hashtags to help interested job seekers find and follow the content quickly.

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