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Work From Anywhere?

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

We are Hiring? You may have heard this word a lot of times and see it on various organisations pages. But what is someone hire you for Work from Home? Let's Talk about this in this blog post....

How to Apply for Work from Home?

Step 1: Find a Job which is the best match to your profile

Step 2: Read Job description and it's detailed in the Career section

Step 3: Click on Apply Now

Step 4: Fill all the required details and submit it.

How We Process your Application

If you have completed the above steps. Congratulations!! we have received your Application

Step 1: Your resume/CV will directly address by the human resource department of applied profile.

Step 2: We will review your application w.r.t parameters we are hiring for

Step 3: If your Profile match with every criterion of position/vacancy. We will give you a call to understand more about you and your profile.

Step 4: Our recruitment process includes Tests, Chats, and Interviews that are completely Online. Sometimes it takes a long time than usual to reach you.

Step 5: Once we have successfully cleared all Tests and Interviews. Welcome to Hast and Chang Team!!!

For More Queries Contact Us

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