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Business Consultancy But Which Type

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Consultancy business

Consultancy Business is a very booming business in this era. With new industries emerging from the ground is also giving a push to the consultancy business. A player entering this playground might wanna decide which side are going to play on i.e.


There are total of 6 types of a business consultancy that a person can dive into:-

1. Strategy Consultancy

Strategy consultancy

A Strategy Consultancy is a professional who advises organizations on high- level decision making in an unbiased fashion. They focus on assisting the long-term vision of a company”.They form strategies to reach long-term goals and oversee the implementation of these to ensure that the strategies are feasible and bring in profitable outcomes.

2. Management Consultancy

Management consultancy

Business consultants are also known as Management consultants are the consultants who work on all sorts of organizational concerns from strategy to a variety of elements within the management section of the business.

3. Operations Consultancy

Operational Consultancy

They also look at the systems that their clients use to reach their goals and work to enhance their efficiency.

They assess all levels of operations including production, sales, distribution customer service, and marketing.

They are interested in how processes can be refined in terms of costs, time, staff involved and steps required, to best meet targets and earn profits.

4. Financial Advisory Consultancy

Financial Consultancy

Financial consultancy assesses a client’s financial position in order to present a plan on how to better manage the finances of the business. This even involves providing information and advice on investment strategies, how to save tax, how to manage the everyday expenses of the business, what all insurance to opt, and saving strategies.

5. Human Resource Consultancy

Human resources consultancy handles matters concerning a firm’s employees. They deal with the people's side of business. They work with clients in the recruitment and transition phases to place the best people in the correct roles. They research and implement well-being strategies, attend to communication issues, and handle remuneration and change management. HR consultancy firms also manage to outsource.

6. IT Consultancy

IT consultancy

An IT consultancy in this area provides suggestions on how to best use technology to enhance a client’s business. This could involve providing the business proper tools to operate, assisting a firm-wide transition from PC to Macs, designing unique software for a company, testing the efficiency of current devices or programs within the business.

These are the 6 types of consulting businesses in which you can start your business and achieve success or we can say touch the sky with your skills.

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